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Just breathe, it’s cleaned

Ionizo is an innovative portable device that creates a protective environment around you. With just palm-sized, it purifies the air so that you could breathe freely even when you are on the go.

The Concept Behind


With Ionizo, you could feel just like bathing in the pureness of nature. It contains a negative ion cleaning system, which blocks dust, allergens and viruses through electrostatic precipitation. 

The technology of real-time air quality monitoring keeps you informed if your loved ones fall victim to unhealthy air. It detects the variations of air quality in your surroundings, then purifies the air accordingly.


Always keep you updated.

Unlike some other project teams, we prefer sharing our development progress real-time with every one of our supporters. Therefore, we publish the updates on the website, and you will be informed of every new step.

“ Two new Ionizo colors, sakura pink and celestial black will be released on later this month. Check it out in department stores. Try it. Feel it. ”

Updated on 17.04.2020

Little Gift in Return

Thank you for giving us some love and support. If you like our project, we appreciate that you can share this with your friends. Here is the little step you can help us: http://www.ionizo.com/gift



The Story of Design

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