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This is Ionizo

Ionizo is a Japanese portable air purifier brand established in 2018. Ionizo was founded to design a portable air purification device that would alleviate allergies for urban people, such that everyone can enjoy a breath of clean air in busy cities.


Our team consists of talents from product development and industrial design who are passionate about fashionable and minimalist design. We strive to be meticulous in every detail and have strict requirements on product quality. After 2 years of R&D, our first Ionizo air purifier was officially born in 2020.



Ionizo Air +

◇ More than 12 millions negative ions

◇ Real-time air quality monitoring

◇ Automatically adjusts ion release

◇ Large purifying area with ultra-quiet fan 

◇ Portable design with built-in battery

◇ Integrated aroma diffuser for In-car



Ionizo Lite

◇ More than 1,500,000 negative ions/cm3

◇ Minimalist design with concealed ropes 

◇ Eco-friendly with filterless design

◇ Ultra-lightweight with wearable design



◇  More than 1,500,000 negative ions/cm3

◇  Real-time air quality monitoring

◇ Automatically adjusts ion release

◇  Eco-friendly with filterless design

◇  Lightweight with wearable design

Wearable Fan

◇Strong 3 levels of wind

◇ Super light with Simply design

◇ Multi-purpose

◇ Max. 5.5hrs continuous operation

Ionizo Wearable Fan_desktop.jpg

Ionizo Humi S

◇ Double Spray Humidifier

◇ 1000ML Water Capacity 

◇ Colorful LED Night Light

◇ Auto OFF for Safety

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