Ionizo Mini Air Quality-Tracking Purifier

"Portable | Filterless | Always protects yourself and your loved ones from getting rhinitis."                               Developed by Ionizo Technologies

Why We Created Ionizo

You might ask: Is it possible to take a breath of fresh air anymore? Air pollution is simply all-encompassing, with gas from exhausts of vehicles and secondhand smoke everywhere. The pollution of today has already made it difficult for us to breathe or to concentrate, not to mention enjoying the beauty of life.



What is Ionizo

Ionizo is an innovative portable device that creates a protective environment around you. With just palm-sized, it detects the variations of air quality in your surroundings, then purifies the air accordingly so that you could breathe freely even when you are on the go.



How does Ionizo Help

Ionizo purifies the air through the negative ions it generates, which attach themselves to air pollutants including the likes of dust, allergens and viruses, making the particles too heavy to remain airborne, hence they subside, and the air around you is purified. Thus, you avoid inhaling the harmful particles that could make you sick.

Trivia: Why is the air super fresh under a waterfall? See the answers below.

The air in your immediate surrounding will be ionized and purified when you wear Ionizo.

The technology of real-time air quality monitoring keeps you informed if your loved ones fall victim to unhealthy air.


Answer: The immense kinetic power at the bottom of a waterfall releases negative ions, which then capture the pollutants and purify the air.

Just breathe, it’s cleaned.

Ionizo creates a pollution-free environment around you, so you could feel just like bathing in the pureness of nature. Ionizo contains a negative ion cleaning system, which blocks dust, allergens and viruses through electrostatic precipitation. With Ionizo, you will be free from the unhealthy air in this heavily polluted world.

One simple touch and we will be protected by Ionizo.



All floating pollutants in the air including the likes of dust, allergens, viruses, pollen and PM2.5 are positively charged. When you wear Ionizo, the surface of your body, as well as the micro particles floating in the vicinity of your breathing range, will be negatively charged. Therefore, the pollutants will gain weight and subside, thus avoiding being inhaled into the human body to cause havoc.

Just release, it’s controlled.

Ionizo functions as your dedicated personal assistant to monitor air quality. The advanced technology of Ionizo will keep a constant watch over the quality of air at your home, and intelligently release the appropriate quantities of negative ions to neutralize the pollutants. With the help of Ionizo, you can be relaxed knowing your loved ones are well protected and away from any harm of pollution.

Incorporated with real-time monitoring technology, Ionizo keeps you constantly informed, so that you know when your loved ones are in a polluted environment.

Total operating time could be prolonged if you choose to switch off the monitoring function.


Ionizo might not be the first to clean air for you, but it surely is the first to keep you informed of the reality of your surroundings. Before Ionizo, the extent of pollution was not apparent to the eyes.

Ionizo’s RGB LED Indicators let you know how fresh the air is.

Just walk, it’s protected.

Ionizo is thoughtfully designed to be compact for portability. The shape of it allows the ultimate use of space to combine the ion generation module with the air quality tracking module.

Ionizo weighs only 1.4oz (40g), is a perfect travel partner for those who love to explore without exposure to unsanitary air.


Exclusive clamp and lanyard making Ionizo incredibly versatile.

Built-in lithium battery, fast rechargeable via USB Type C. 

The Complement of the Standard Purifiers in the market

We do appreciate all the efforts dedicated to develop products that make our environment a better place to be. At the same time, we want to do more as well as do better, so that our new products will not only clean the environment, but also complement the range already in the market.



Technical Specifications



Team and Credits

The project team was formed in 2016 under the cooperation between a Japanese company and a Hong Kong company. The primary goal of the team was to design a portable equipment that would alleviate allergy. As a result of the joint efforts by various talents in R&D and industrial design, we were able to complete the development phase in a short span of two years and to showcase the product in front of everyone here and now. Our love for fashionable design with impeccable taste, together with our persistence to never settle for less will guarantee that we will deliver a product so carefully made that will surpass the expectations of our backers.  

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