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One Small Device for Air Purification, One Giant Leap for Breathing Pollution-Free Air


Hong Kong – 30 Sept, 2020 - Capable of detecting the quality of air, reporting on it and then purifying it, the small but intelligent Ionizo device is a portable, filterless air purifier meant for the digital age. Built to be taken on-the-go, the Ionizo purifies the quality of air around you, using its smart tracker and an innovative ion-based purification system that harnesses the power of technology in the fight against air pollution. Japanese minimalist design combined with practical features brings users a pollution-free space.


From concept to console, every step of the Ionizo's revolutionary new design is methodical, intentional and powerful, by a collaboration of talents in R&D and industrial design. Packaged within the compact 1.4oz (40g) ion-purifying system is a built-in tracker that continuously monitors the quality of air around its wearer, adjusting flow of ions according to real-time readings. Taking full advantage of ion generator, the Ionizo device generates 1,500,000 ions per cubic centimeter per second, trapping pollution in the wearer's immediate surroundings.


The filterless system relies on a steady, environment-sensitive release of negative ions, which then attach themselves to air pollutants. Since floating pollutants like dust, allergens viruses and pollen are positively charged, the negatively-charged ions weigh these airborne particles down. Ion technology also affects micro-particles floating around the vicinity of the respiratory system and the surface of the body, blocking inhalation and relieving the discomfort of the breathing passage. 

This simple yet effective technique enhances the quality of life for both the wearer and those in the vicinity. On the one hand, using Ionizo can help clear up issues like rhinitis while sleeping. But it's also powerful enough to affect its surroundings, clearing up issues like mildew and tobacco smells in enclosed places like the user's car. Yet it's not just the technology behind the system that makes this a functional companion. The Ionizo's design is created to mimic "smart" technology like movie phones and digital personal assistants — except that this "personal assistant" is focused entirely on monitoring and then improving air quality. 

To request high-resolution images, product samples, or further information, you can email us directly by pressing the button below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Martin Chan
Hong Kong

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