Deep clean, even further

Ionizo Air+ is a car desktop ionic air purifier created with streamlined design aiming to provide people with an air purifier that is aesthetically pleasing. The built-in quiet fan enables the negative ion to reach a further distance to purify the air.

>99.9% PM2.5 Removal Rate

Certified by FIA JP, SGS HK

** Certified by FIA Japan 

Advanced Smart Purifying

With Ionizo Air+, you could feel just like bathing in the pureness of nature. Equipped with advanced negative ion cleaning system that generates over 12 million negative ion every second per cm3, preventing you from inhaling airborne pollutants such as dust, particulate matter (PM), allergens and viruses through electrostatic precipitation. 

Ionic Purifying

12 million ions/cm3


Inside the sleek body of it, there is a built-in ultra-quiet fan that enables the air to flow. With the help of it, the negative ion emitted from Ionizo Air+ could reach a further distance to purify the air.

Strong Airflow

Quiet Fan Inside


The technology of real-time air quality monitoring keeps you informed if your loved ones fell victim to unhealthy air. The LED Indicator let you know how fresh the air is. In "Auto Mode", it detects the variations of air quality in your surroundings, then smartly adjusts ion release accordingly. 

Air Monitoring

Auto Mode


Elegant Design


The design is inspired by airplane engines aiming to provide people with an air purifier that is both practical in nature and aesthetically pleasing in appearance.



Ionizo Air+ can stand in any position with the two mini built-in stands, or even be attached to different objects. 


Mini Stands

Easily be attached


Home Decoration


Users can add a drop of their preferred essential oil at the sponge inside the device and immerse themselves in refreshing aroma while breathing purified air.

With the aid of aroma, Ionizo Air+ helps you loosen up and improves sleep quality.

Aroma Diffuser

Integrated Sponge

A perfect travel partner that considers user's needs in various circumstances.


Built-in Battery



The Story of Design

Air+ above the books

Air+ above the books

Compare with Ionizo

Compare with Ionizo

Air+ on the shelf

Air+ on the shelf

Air+ inside the car

Air+ inside the car

Air+ Packaging

Air+ Packaging

Back side of Air+

Back side of Air+

Air+ on the desk

Air+ on the desk

Top view of Air+

Top view of Air+